The way we engage and sell previously to our customers and clients is becoming increasing outdated quicker than you may think. 

We no longer have the benefit of regular face to face meetings, as the nature of selling changes, driven by socio economics, environmental, technological reasons, but one the biggest challenges is the changing demands of the B2B & B2C buyer, they are forever getting more tech savvy, with greater demands and expectations on their suppliers, in fact the seller is being excluded from the buying process until the very last minute in many cases, as this tech savvy new generation are self-informed, what their needs, wants and desires are, and that spells trouble for businesses and their sales teams who need to adapt quickly.  

The sales team need to change their approach to selling in the way we prepare for, engage in, and follow up on these customer interactions and selling opportunities. In short, the professional salesperson must develop specific skills set in which to engage the new buyers on their terms, in this ever-changing tech savvy and engaging world. 

Learning to sell virtually requires a significant shift in the use of traditional selling skills to create a more engaging and connected buyer experience, in short, the buyer’s behaviour has changed also and so must that of the not just the company but their salespeople as well. 

The artificial and often informal nature of selling over online platforms creates a divide between traditional selling methods that rely on formality and the natural connection people feel when sitting face-to-face. 

So, what do the new salespeople need to learn? 

  • Preparation, we see all too often previously (face to face) skilled salespeople struggling with the technology, poorly prepared to manage not only the environment, but the clients’ expectations, little or no preparation into personalisation of the materials being used, to enhance the client experience and engagement during the conversation. 
  • The sellers need to upskill is significant if they are to lead and manage the conversation to successful outcome, they need to adjust for this new hybrid environment, whilst having a clear game plan to effectively manage all the stakeholders. 
  • They need to be adaptable to building and maintaining a trusted relationship with clients remotely by applying virtual selling skill best practices. 
  • Finally setting the expectation of asking for the business, the fundamental reason they are there. 

Dynamic Sales Coach can help equip salespeople with skills and virtual selling techniques to increase effectiveness, credibility and build trust in a virtual setting to drive the outcomes you desire and win more sales. 

Nick Hughes is a strategist, trainer, and mentor with a track record for delivering business growth, he has offered his one-to-one expertise to businesses and business owners who want to achieve more and through energising their sales performance. Contact him today 01865 362800.