Breeding customer loyalty in the workplace – as consumers, we’ve been spoiled not only by excellent service, but also by innovation.

In fact, the very attributes that technology has enabled— simplicity, flexibility, convenience, personalisation, and connection—have come to be what we expect, even demand, as consumers. So how has this translated to the workplace?

We’re seeing a changing set of values from companies’ internal customers—perhaps their most important business asset—as well as requests for more innovation, flexibility, and opportunity. Digital HR has become not just a “nice to have,” but a necessity for an organisation’s future growth and acceleration. And just like a consumer who has a bad experience and moves onto another brand, your employees may also seek new experiences if their expectations are not being met.

Come along and get involved in the discussion, employees are consumers who are their own brand and with technology bringing information at their fingertips, what has emerged is an empowered workforce that is more savvy and well informed. Now more than ever, companies need to step up to be more transparent, agile, and capable of providing their employees more choices.

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