Agile HR Mindset – can software development principles be applied to the development of human talent?

Come along and listen to Agile Coach Laura ReTurner on 21st May who leads our discussion about an Agile HR mindset – in the new world of work, and how some of the principles of tech development can be applied to HR.

From small tech start-ups to large traditional companies, organisations need to be fast, flexible, and digitally empowered to succeed in our rapidly changing business landscape. HR plays a crucial role in helping their people and organisations transform, however, many companies are currently stuck with siloed, compliance-heavy HR processes that can often work in opposition to business success rather than supporting it. The result is a view that HR is too slow, out of touch and sometimes even lacking a human focus.

We’re not suggesting Agile is the answer to all issues – but when people start learning about Agile, they begin to recalibrate their thinking patterns around a new set of beliefs and values.


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