2020 put a raw, but much-needed, spotlight on inclusion and diversity and, this year HR teams need to put a greater focus on equity – as opposed to equality in the workplace.

The way we discuss and approach diversity, equity & inclusion in the workplace is changing. It wasn’t long ago that we only spoke about diversity & inclusion, and before that just diversity.  There is no better time to dig deep and establish shared, fundamental understandings of these terms and their meanings. We will talk about some of the widespread confusion around the “definitions”, so that we can get on the same page, and then take the next step and create a shared understanding of DE&I together.

A report by Forrester found that workplace belonging leads to a 56% increase in job performance and a 50% reduction in turnover risk. The cornerstone of creating any company community is a shared understanding of DE&I.

Diversity, equity & inclusion are inherently interrelated, but they’re also distinct concepts. When planning your DE&I strategy, understanding their differences is just as important as grasping how they connect. More than that, your specific culture and tone of voice will feed into your own unique definition of each. DE&I is how you make your company values carry real weight.

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