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‘It’s a process, not rocket science’

Energise your sales performance

A competent, well-trained sales team is a company’s most significant competitive advantage – and an incompetent one its biggest liability

Sales Training

Here are a few challenges you may recognise:

  • Sales income not as the sales forecast indicated
  • Lots of client engagement, but the business is placed with the competition
  • Growth targets missed by individuals and company alike
  • Sales teams not truly engaged with the true decision maker at the client
  • Sales team return from client meetings saying ‘they want to think about’
  • Your best price used to beat the competition down, the business awarded to them

Do any of these excuses sound familiar?

Growing sales and margins can be a huge undertaking for any organisation, especially in today’s competitive market with every buyer now a self-informed expert! There are a multitude of potential buyers traps businesses, those who lead sales teams and sales people fall into, including being submissive to the market expectations, your competition, client demands, not recognizing your added value, but most of all poorly trained sales people.


How do we do it:

Our sales training programme actively attacks these issues over the course of the programme, which facilitates change in the sales team’s behaviour in front of the client.

Review – A complete review of the sales process and activities

Engage – Aligning ourselves with your business by mapping your sales activities.

Embed – Taylor their programme so it becomes embedded in your sales team