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Sales Strategy

Customers, not markets, buy your product or service

Our approach extends from quick targeted interventions that unlock value in your business, to more targeted sales transformations focused on sales architecture, execution, and skill-building opportunities.



Find and capture pockets of “granular growth.”

Nearly every company has considerable opportunity for organic growth if it looks at the right level of granularity. We help companies take a fine-grained view by geography, industry segment, and offerings to find the hidden pockets of growth and then tailor the sales strategy and approaches needed to capture them, as well as looking to new avenues.

Building the high-performing sales teams.

We help businesses build the necessary skills in the organisation by providing an innovative, hands-on program that includes developing core sales competencies, stakeholder management skills, creating value your client is looking for, to manging performance and building a ‘sales coach’ approach for sales managers and leaders.

Aligning sales in an Omni-channel world.

Customers are increasingly moving across all channels to educate themselves prior to purchase and as such expect the same experience in every touchpoint. Sales teams although the front line of nearly every business is not always on point with message alignment from other channels. We help companies form effective selling strategies in all channels from key-account management to digital sales.

Nick’s experience and knowledge has been fundamental in refining our sales & marketing strategies that is now delivering growth in our target markets.

Nick Cowley – Managing Director Euramax