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Transforming organisations through people

By unlocking the power of people and teams from within

The new possible: How HR can help build the organisation of the future

People Strategy – unlocking people outcomes

You may recognise two typical people strategies. The one that looks beautiful but doesn’t say much about what you’re going to do and the one that’s packed full of hundreds of activities and projects which you know will be impossible to deliver!

We think that a People Strategy really only has two key questions it needs to address.

  1. Can we get and keep the talent we need?
  2. Are we enabling our people to do their best work?

We will work closely with you to develop your people strategy ensuring it aligns with the experience you want to create for your people.


Employee Engagement – it really matters

We all know that low engagement levels not only impact morale but also have a direct impact on profitability. But, let’s be clear, there are no universal drivers of employee engagement. They can vary from one organisation to the next; from one person to another and the drivers can also change over time or due to external factors.

You could spend time and money trying to define engagement and its drivers or simply focus on making these 4 things a reality for your people and watch engagement rise:

  1. Trust me and give me flexibility
  2. Care about me and my career
  3. Ensure what I do matters
  4. Give me a great manager

 The challenge is the how – we help you make these 4 things a reality


Authentic Leadership – in times of change

Purposeful, engaged, and transformational leadership requires clarity – clarity around the why, what and how of leadership.

Real clarity comes when the behaviour and communication that people see day to day from their leaders consistently demonstrates purpose, direction, and values.

We will work with your senior leaders to understand the degree of alignment that already exists and working with our Transformational Leadership approach we will build real shared clarity and authentic engagement. We will help leaders both individually and as a team to adopt the habits of thinking and acting that they need to develop to live and communicate both their own and the organisation’s purpose.


Talent – that sees you through today and tomorrow

The pandemic has catapulted the world five to ten years into the digital future, requiring businesses and workforce development to accelerate as well. It’s not enough to keep pace—employees must upskill and reskill to stay ahead of tomorrow’s demands.

High performers bring competitive advantage to a company. We can help businesses assess the talent and skills their people need, where they are lacking, and whether to build, borrow, or buy what’s needed to fill in gaps.

By delivering dynamic organisational and talent programmes – we work with you to build the organisational and talent capabilities you need.


HR reinvented – the new People Team

The role of human resources is shifting dramatically—and the challenge facing HR leadership is clear: How do you create an agile, next-generation HR function fit for the digital era?

Human resources, once viewed as a dependable cornerstone of business, is morphing into one of the most critical and dynamic functions in any organisation. Now, more than in any other period in human history, people and their level of engagement in their work are the key drivers of an organisation’s success. So, the winning companies are the ones that are reinventing their HR Teams to become more deliberate, strategic, and holistic new People Teams with agile HR and digital capabilities.

We can help clients transform their HR service led function to a strategic People function, fit for now.


Making Change happen with a human-centred approach

Over the last couple of years, the pandemic has triggered drastic changes for almost all organisations around the world, bringing change leadership into the spotlight in a way that it hasn’t been before.

Change is something that has now been collectively experienced by both the smallest and largest businesses across the world, and arguably more importantly, by all their people too.

Businesses who want to keep their teams engaged and happy during this transition phase will already be thinking about what kind of culture they want to create for their organisation. But to be really effective, they need to do more than visualise a new way of working; they need to set the foundations for change through effective and personalised communication.

We can work with your leaders to shift people’s beliefs and behaviours and make sure your change programme is a success.


Linda is an accomplished board-level HR executive, she has the innate ability to understand the cultural issues of the organisation; develop an effective strategy and map the appropriate solutions that dealt with our challenges.

Chief Executive, Oxford City Council