Linda good morning and welcome to your quick-fire 10 for 10. You are the founder of Dynamic HR Coach, looking to drag HR into the 21st century.

Q1: So Dynamic HR – in a sentence can you tell me what it’s all about – if you like your USP?
LH: Ooh that’s a good question to kick off with – I work with businesses to help them transform their organisation through focusing on leadership, the culture of the organisation, and how the HR team operates – they are my three sweet spots and if you pushed me I think I’d know which one I’d end up saying I enjoy working on the most and that’s the HR team – seeing the change, especially the change in thinking is so rewarding because you’ve coached that person or team – I love it.

Q2: We’ve heard the word pivot a lot over the past 18 months, how is HR adapting to this in the new way of working?
LH: For me I feel HR’s mindset must change from the very top through all levels and dimensions of the profession if we are to succeed and adapt how we work to match the modern workplace needs.  Its HR’s role regardless of their designation to create business value through people – not process gurus.

Q3: Working from home or hybrid working is now the buzzword, but in reality, can it really work – it can’t be as simple as one shoe fits all surely?
LH: If you take the view employees can work from anywhere then you can adapt your thinking more easily and see through the fog of complexity, by simply stating – this is the norm. Three things need to converge – redesign the employee experience, change the culture of the oganisation and recognise output rather than traditional working hours.

Q4: Talking of working from home, your husband is Nigh Hughes of Dynamic Coach Group, do you ever switch off or are you always talking shop?
LH: We are quite disciplined in this respect but as you can imagine a few healthy debates can spill over at times!

Q5: So what took you into the (some would say) stressful world of HR, was it an experience, a sector your felt needed change, or just a passion for people and finding the best in them?
LH: It was an amazing lady I worked with early in my career, she was great at her job, a true people person and coach – simply put I wanted to emulate her.

Q6: It can’t all be work, work, work, and as with all good HR strategies and hires, what are 2 key findings you can share on what makes HR, HR?
LH: Being a creative problem solver, looking at an issue from many perspectives as well as getting to the root cause of the problem and the second one is truly getting to know people.

Q7: Moving away from the day job, you have a lad who is off to university shortly, what would you tell him to do for definite if talking to your younger self heading off and knowing what you know now?
LH: Without a doubt spend time with your friends the memories you share with them will stay with you forever – be active, don’t go with the flow, be yourself

Q8: Outside of work, how do you relax – do you have a passion that you could share – I’m thinking needlework and material mementos that I’ve seen that look amazing – can you tell me a little more…..
LH: One of my passions is House of Milly – I make 3D pictures, I wanted to create a simple product that people could connect with; something that might reflect their lives, or an experience they’ve had.  That’s why most of the pictures are animals as they have their own characters or expressions that mean something!

Q9: So what’s next, where can you see HR going, there seems to be so much red tape, and process, do you think it will ever self-simplify?
LH: Now is the time to move away from process, compliance and be the people leader in an organisation – the person that creates the environment where employees feel connected to the organisation’s culture because their values are aligned.  The complexity is built out of lack of trust and comes from our past and we have to simplify – but believe me the priority is getting the culture right first.

Q10: And finally – it’s Friday night, it’s been a long week.  Do you have a refreshing gin and tonic or do you go for a pint of cider over ice – or something completely different?
It’s a G&T all the way – strong in flavor – large glass plenty of ice – a mix of botanicals – and fever tree – finished off with Alexa – “play Take That “

Linda Hughes, thank you very much for your time, answers, and insight into the world of HR. It’s been great to find out more about Dynamic HR and the person behind this forward-thinking dynamic company.