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Build Your Team with Confidence

Harness the Power of Assessment Data to Minimise Turnover and Maximise both individual and team Performance

“Weak companies hire the right experience to do the job. Strong companies hire the right person to join their team” – Simon Sinek

Interview questions, a polished CV and good interview technique, are only part of the process, but what if you could take the guesswork, elevate your recruitment experience with  an even more comprehensive approach that combines cutting-edge assessments and expert support to unlock the person behind the CV, questions and interview?

Our assessments have a proven track record over decades of empowering organisations to make informed decisions, ensuring the selection of the most suitable candidates for every position. Whether that be either internal or external candidates, we can help reveal the true person that lay’s beneath.

Making talent decisions based on a CV, an interview, or current job performance is not enough. Partnering with Dynamic Coach Group provides specialist support to maximise the impact of these assessments, offering valuable guidance and coaching throughout the process. We help organisations:

Assisting in Choosing the Ideal Candidate for Every Position

Providing the objective insights necessary for confident employee selection, the our assessment tools ensure you make the right talent decisions for every role. A misguided choice can negatively impact employee morale, productivity, and overall financial performance.

Our comprehensive “full person” assessment evaluates candidates across three key areas -Behavioural Traits, Interests, and Cognitive Ability. This holistic approach predicts future job success and, when coupled with providing the objective insights necessary for confident employee selection, these tools ensure you make the right talent decisions for every role, aligning them with your organisation’s specific needs.

Evaluation That Identify and Cultivate Outstanding Leaders

Assisting you in acquiring valuable insights into a candidate’s potential for leadership. The Leadership Report goes beyond asking, “Can this person lead?” It delves into the question of “How will this person lead?” This comprehensive report details how to leverage a candidate’s strengths and identifies areas for targeted leadership development.

By looking beyond a candidate’s leadership experience, it offers insights into how an individual will guide their team and influence your organisation. Armed with actionable data, you can strategically assess and develop leaders who can effectively navigate the challenges of leadership roles in your team.

Recruit the Best Sales Talent backed by Data

The Sales Report provides a comprehensive assessment of an individual, encompassing thinking abilities, behavioural traits, interests, and the candidate’s proficiency in eight crucial sales behaviours:

Gain powerful insights to pinpoint and nurture top sales talent. insights to help you identify and develop top sales talent.

This holistic approach offers a thorough understanding of a candidate’s capabilities across key aspects of sales.

Improve Employee Experience by Ensuring Good Job Fit

The assessments enable companies to transform job prerequisites into quantifiable reasoning and behavioural attributes, ensuring the identification of candidates perfectly suited for each role.

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