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Does your STRATEGY give you the chance to win?

Dynamic Coach Group can help you:
• Capture overlooked levers for growth in your current business
• Expand the boundaries of your business
• Transform offerings to provide commercial and customer value

When it comes to STRATEGY,
Dynamic Coach Group helps high growth companies

Build a powerful growth machine

A system of unique capabilities that provides real differentiation in the market 

Leverage strategic advantage

Leverage your strategic advantage to a market leading proposition

Know your gaps

Be clear about the additional capabilities you’ll need and develop or acquire them

Determine your

Growth Strategy

Companies that want to grow in a coherent, sustainable way should pursue one of three types of growth strategy – focussing on expanding your core business, expansion through acquisition or disruption. The approach that tends to generate the most value is the core business route. Options get more expensive and riskier as you move away from the core. 

We help companies work through the growth strategy questions. Deciding where to play requires a clear sense of which markets a company is best equipped to compete in, uncovering gaps and defining the best customer targets, and figuring out how to win calls for finding the best products, services, experiences, and business models to reach them. 

Our Approach:

Translate the company’s strategy into functional priorities

Instead of striving to be “best in class” in everything, functions need to focus on helping their functional organisation become coherent and “fit for purpose” by changing their portfolio of activities to focus primarily on those that are strategically important to the company and help drive its distinctive value proposition. 

We help functional leaders take on a more strategic role while fulfilling their day-to-day transactional and expertise tasks. We do so by working with them on three interconnected elements. 

Our Approach:

Identifying and building the few distinctive capabilities that are at the heart of your company 

Too many companies don’t identify the few cross-functional capabilities they need to excel at in order to deliver on their value proposition. Not being clear about those capabilities, functions often decide to pursue functional excellence in silos. They strive to be world-class at everything they do, often treating benchmarking as the path to success. The consequences: Their actions are disconnected from the business strategy, they spread their resources too thin, and they don’t excel at anything. 

At Dynamic Coach Group, we help our clients identify their unique areas of strengths and the capabilities that are required to win with their strategy. We then help them build and scale those capabilities. 

Our Approach:

Our experts:

Our experts bring human-centered leadership to the forefront of the change agenda by creating programmes and or assessments to suit your organisational needs. They help to strengthen leadership teams to equip them with the philosophy, development programmes and systems to drive effective alignment. They learn to lead differently, guiding the organisation to a better future.

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Andrew Hancock

Sally Green

Angela Greenfield