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Align. Transform. Grow.

Proof in the power of smarketing

With alignment, transformation, and growth at our core, we create more efficient, dynamic, and streamlined businesses, that can be more than 67% more efficient at closing business.

Konnect enables your business to work together as one, to see your business from the right angle

1 in 4 business owners say their brand, sales and marketing are not aligned. Organisations that are aligned are up to 67% more effective atdriving growth. Konnect aligns your brand, marketing and sales to work together more efficiently and effectively. It delivers the tools and ability to transform your business and ROI, giving you the insights and advice necessary to create tangible opportunities to both optimise performance and build a stronger team.

With 90% of customers expecting to have an aligned brand experience across all platforms and channels, now is the time to Konnect.

Misalignment is it hiding in plain sight?

The market is evolving. Has your brand communication changed in the past 2 years? All marketing plans need to be targeted. When did yours last change? Is your sales team working with your brand and marketing, to produce the results that you expect?

‘It’s fine, we’ve been working like this for years there’s no need to change, it only confuses people’.

It is dangerous to be complacent. A poorly aligned team not only effects sales it can also damage your reputation and regaining customer trust is almost impossible and a gift for your competition.

Business – it’s like a beach ball

Every team has their perspective of the angle, but what If that perspective was aligned? All of a sudden everyone is looking and working with the same view.

Is your revenue generation team looking at opposite sides of the beach ball? If so then you need Konnect. We align revenue teams to transform those angles so you can grow more quickly.

Don’t become misaligned, become Konnected

Konnect helps you align your company’s teams, processes and targets. The new shared, single vision will drive growth and success,by a further 67%.

Konnect knows alignment works

Konnect comprises three experienced industry professionals in sales, marketing and branding.

Andrew Hancock – Branding (Find out more)

Sally Green – Marketing (Find out more)

Nick Hughes – Sales (Find out more)

Together, have seen, and helped to implement the fundamental changes alignment can make to a company’s success. They have all worked with both large and small businesses across multiple sectors, to change embedded routines and initiate powerful team alignment.

“Building a visionary company requires 1% vision and 99% alignment” – JAMES C COLLINS – RESEARCHER, SPEAKER, CONSULTANT