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Elevate employee experience, the better way with EX-8

A powerful consultant led programme designed to revolutionise employee experience.

What’s the challenge

The issues of lacklustre employee engagement, low productivity, and high staff turnover are not just minor inconveniences for organisations. They have far-reaching consequences that impact productivity, financial stability, organisational culture, employee well-being, and innovation.

Addressing these challenges proactively and strategically is crucial for any organisation that aims to thrive in today’s competitive business landscape.

Workplace practices
that deliver the greatest EX impact

By using the EX-8 framework, businesses are able to create an environment that fosters engagement, productivity, and innovation. Providing a roadmap for improved employee experience at all levels.

EX-8 has identified the eight most critical employee experience practices that significantly impact businesses, employees, and innovation, leading to improved productivity, higher employee retention, and enhanced overall organisational performance.

The 5 levels of EX Maturity which form part of EX-8 offer organisations direction to evaluate their current position concerning employee experience and guide them towards designing and implementing effective strategies to enhance employee experience.

Forward thinking companies
focus on employee experience 

Research has revealed deep knowledge, trends and factors that all shape different employee experiences. By focusing on the most impactful employee experience practices, businesses create an environment and roadmap that fosters engagement, productivity, and innovation. A positive employee experience will lead to higher levels of engagement, job satisfaction, and productivity, while a negative employee experience most significantly will result in high turnover rates, low morale, and decreased performance.

EX refers to the overall experience an employee has while working for an organisation, including interactions they have with colleagues, managers, and their work environment. It encompasses all the meaningful experiences and moments that truly matter.

Measuring employee experience allows you to view your organisation from the employees’ standpoint. Enabling you to obtain insights into your team members’ sentiments regarding different aspects of their job, their daily needs, and areas where your company can enhance the employee experience.
Managers can utilise the results to develop positive actions plans with their employees, with the objective of improving the employee experience across the business. Creating a more engaged and motivated workforce is about working on plans together in an an agile way.

Take the lead in Employee Experience with EX8-PRO

A self-assessment diagnostic designed for organisations to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of their employee experience practices. It aims to gather valuable insights from HR/People professionals, managers or CEOS who possess a good understanding of the organisation’s operations and culture.

Complete the EX8-PRO diagnostic HERE

Receive your EX-8 PRO Reports & Support

Empower your teams with data driven decisions with EX-8 TOTAL-EX

Introducing our comprehensive EX diagnostic, a powerful tool designed to gather invaluable insights from employees. This diagnostic is expertly crafted to illuminate essential touchpoints, and thoroughly evaluate the employee experience across eight core practices of EX, and discern employees’ sentiments. At its core, we prioritise capturing what truly matters to your employees, and how well you are meting their expectations.

Our meticulous analysis produces a comprehensive set of metrics that not only highlight where you are delivering the most value to employees but also pinpoint specific areas where targeted efforts can create the most significant impact on enhancing the employee experience. Our diagnostic can split out results by demographic (including, gender, ethnicity etc.) so you can really understand what matters most to employees of different characteristics. This will enable you to establish how you can best compete for talent and maximise the return on the investment you make in people.

By integrating EX-8 with a programme of continuous improvement, you can create a culture of continuous listening, learning and development.

Expert Consultancy to implement EX-8 TOTAL-EX

By partnering with the Dynamic Coach, we offer unwavering support throughout the entire process, providing you with dedicated support that will diligently guide and advise you on every aspect of delivering and implementing EX-8 TOTAL-EX. Expect nothing short of a flawlessly executed experience at each stage of your journey.

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Your EX-8 future

Addressing key areas identified by EX-8, you can not only enjoy a competitive advantage, but a more positive and productive workplace culture, improved workplace performance, increased revenue growth, better customer experience, increased employee retention and a higher level of attraction.

By integrating EX-8 with a programme of continuous improvement, you can create a culture of continuous listening, learning and development. This approach helps you stay agile and responsive to changes in the workplace, as well as identify and address emerging issues before they become major problems.

“Organizations with a strong employee experience have four times higher average profits than those that don’t.” – Forbes