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Your business challenges, explored by Peer 2 Peer

The Sounding Board, is a free initiative spearheaded and sponsored by Dynamic Coach Group. Targeted at start-up and micro businesses, where we explore business challenges within a trusted peer 2 peer environment.

The Sounding Board offers a distinctive and free platform for businesses to engage with other peers, where in the session one business gets to present a challenging business problem or opportunity, that they need to overcome, with supportive but challenging observations, feedback, and outcomes in order to move forward from the assembled peers.

This innovative endeavour goes beyond just a dragon’s den scenario, as Dynamic Coach will work with the prospective business prior to the Sounding Board, to ensure the challenge is clearly defined and that a clear outcome for their business can be achieved.

Think Dragons Den, but without the investment

The Sounding Board is designed to facilitate the exchange of expert advice and ideas, creating an environment where collaborative problem-solving propels businesses to new heights.

Here’s how it works:

Pre-Sounding Board

Meet with Linda or Nick to scope out the precise detail of your challenge or opportunity and what to expect at The Sounding Board

The Pitch

The chosen business pitches in their challenge, outlining the business and what the outcome / impact could be if this problem or opportunity can be addresses

The Huddle

Members break into groups discuss and address the problem posed, with all the feedback captured for the business.

Idea Exchange

The huddles present back with their thoughts, suggestions, and proposals on the challenge.

Post Sounding Board

Debrief with Linda or Nick, it makes a real difference to focus on the feedback.

The Benefits of the Sounding Board

The Sounding Board is a monthly event, on the first Tuesday of each month 6pm – 8pm

The Sounding Board emphasises creating a safe and supportive environment where businesses can be authentic and transparent about their struggles. This enables a more meaningful exchange of ideas and fosters stronger connections among participants. In essence, the Sounding Board goes beyond traditional networking forums. By leveraging the expertise and experiences of the community, businesses can navigate challenges more effectively and propel themselves towards sustained success.

Become a member.

This platform redefines the membership experience by harnessing the collective expertise and diverse experiences within the community. As a member, you have the opportunity to make a pitch, and your valuable input to others is what it’s all about.

The Sounding Board uses the Zoom platform, so members can access it from anywhere in the world; know someone who has a passion for a particular product in the Middle East, not a problem we would love them to become a peer member giving feedback from there.

At The Sounding Board, not only do we need businesses with a problem, challenge, or opportunity, but we also need people with a critical eye who can provide feedback both positive and constructive without nailing people to the preverbal wall.

Oh, and just to confirm, none of us get paid for this. This is a Peer-to-Peer venture.

Joining the Sounding Board is free !!

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