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Leverage CULTURE
to outperform the competition

Dynamic Coach Group can help you:
• Reshape corporate culture to thrive on change
• Design experiences to inspire and ignite employees
• Build organisational resilience with a compelling future

When it comes to high performance CULTURE, Dynamic Coach Group helps high growth companies

Assess, prioritise & change

Identify the key moves to achieve maximum effect, because sometimes a “hard reset” is what it will take to compete in the next chapter of your organisation

Engage & retain

Design and implement frictionless employee experiences

Don’t wait for problems to arise before taking action

Continuously take stock of your organisation – where you’re at and where you’re going and adapt along the way to build resilience

CULTURE, the difference
between good and the

Organisational Culture

Every culture face challenges during periods of growth and transformation. Employees might be disconnected and unclear about the new ambition or the organisation may lack the mechanisms to arm workers with the required skills and competencies required.

We combine our real-world experience and proven tangible methods to help shift our clients’ cultures to enable unrivalled growth. Our Human-Centred model can swiftly uncover how best to accelerate cultural transformation and improve an organisation’s approach to change management and change fitness.

Our Solutions

Employee Experience

How employees interact with any touchpoint – influences whether they are truly engaged with the organisation. In a world of near-limitless options and ever-increasing digital expectations, the quality of these experiences is the most important way to differentiate one brand from its competitors and retain great employees.

We help companies transform every dimension of the employee experience, from fixing broken processes, or touchpoints to going beyond employee expectations to provide the platform for discretionary effort leading to enhanced business performance. On the other side we help companies quickly assess needs, establish priorities, and create a clear strategic plan using targeted organisational assessments and surveys.

At Dynamic Coach Group we offer a range of insights to help our clients achieve their desired outcome, quickly and more effectively

Our Solutions

Employer Branding

Did you know 86 percent of workers wouldn’t apply to or continue to work for a company with a bad reputation? This statistic should be enough to help your company understand how your employer brand not only affects your reputation and performance, but your ability to attract and retain great talent.

We help clients build and refine instantly recognisable employer brand expressions, and programmes that subconsciously convey an organisation’s values and purpose in nanoseconds. These expressions create valuable consistency to promote commitment and pride in belonging to your company’s workforce.

Our Solutions:

• Employer Branding Strategy
• Employee Value Proposition
• Employee Experience Survey

Our experts:

Our experts bring human-centred leadership to the forefront of the change agenda by creating programmes and or assessments to suit your organisational needs. They help to strengthen leadership teams to equip them with the philosophy, development programmes and systems to drive effective alignment. They learn to lead differently, guiding the organisation to a better future.

Linda Hughes

Helen Joy

Angela Greenfield

Clare Freeman

Andrew Hancock