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Tapping into your
TALENT potential

Dynamic Coach Group can help you:
• Identify the talent and capabilities needed to support growth
• Design learning programmes
• Coaching and mentoring

When it comes to differentiating TALENT, Dynamic Coach Group helps high growth companies

Talent & Capabilities

Identify, engage and retain talent to grow your business

Coaching and Mentoring

Provide that 1:1 support for your C-suite

Bespoke Learning Solutions

Identify, prioritise and close capability gaps to create differentiated talent

TALENT – making a
workforce fit for the future

Talent and Capabilities

To achieve exceptional growth, organisations need a true diversity of talent and skills. Dynamic Coach Group bring highly creative strategies in workforce planning and learning and development to identify the organisational capabilities and skills needed to support the organisation achieve its growth strategy.

Our experts apply new thinking to talent management. Helping organisations to expand their internal and external talent pipeline and keep top talent engaged throughout the employee lifecycle.

Our Solutions

• Strategic Workforce Planning
• Talent Acquisition Strategies
• Organisation Design & Operating Model

Coaching and Mentoring

Leaders understand the pressure to perform. It requires one eye on the horizon with the other on the day-to-day. Every day, new problems arise, and challenges present themselves. Leaders need to be equipped to handle these volatile times and simultaneously motivate their teams.

Our coaching programmes provide results-focused interventions which help coachees plan, lead and implement successful change and performance improvement. We coach and mentor leaders to become more personally effective, and to enable them to lead their people to achieve the significant agendas their organisations need.

Our Solutions:

• Executive Leadership Coaching and Mentoring
• Group and Team Coaching
• Performance Coaching

Bespoke Training Solutions

Senior executives play an enormous role in the success of their organisations. The challenges of top leadership are far-reaching, complex, and essential to get right.

Partner with us to bring and co-create your executive leadership / management development programme for your organisation that grows the mindsets and capabilities needed to spearhead your strategy and steward your culture. For maximum impact, explore options to incorporate advanced experientials, simulations, and 360 assessments, and sustain the learning with executive leadership coaching.

Our Solutions:

• Leadership Development
• Management Development
• High Performing Team Development

Our experts:

Our experts bring human-centered leadership to the forefront of the change agenda by creating programmes and or assessments to suit your organisational needs. They help to strengthen leadership teams to equip them with the philosophy, development programmes and systems to drive effective alignment. They learn to lead differently, guiding the organisation to a better future.

Linda Hughes

Nick Hughes

Helen Joy