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ALIGNMENT, the key
to getting where you
want to go

Dynamic Coach Group can help you:
• Ensure strategic alignment of value, profit and people propositions 
• Agree on a shared vision and the results that need to be achieved 
• Equip leadership to guide the organisation to a better future

When it comes to ALIGNMENT,
Dynamic Coach Group helps high growth companies


The best aligned organisations are the best performing because their leaders approach alignment as a strategic concern, because they focus on the agreed objectives


As we navigate a new way of working in the corporate world, the need for a clear vision, values, and goals is more important than ever across the entire business


When you walk into a high-performing aligned organisation you can feel the difference. There is a what’s best for the company, employees, and client approach, not a departmental experience 

look like?

Leadership Alignment

Today, more than ever, for organisations to be successful in the short- and long-term, aligning culture and talent with strategy, that is aligned to the purpose of the organisation is a leadership imperative.

Dynamic Coach Group partners with companies to create the leadership pathway to alignment and help them to develop the characteristics of a high performing team that has: a vision for success, agreed upon norms, great talent, team cohesion, consistent results, excellent leadership, and strong ties to their customers. We know that winning results are achievable and come from very practical and integrated leadership that weaves culture, talent, and strategy together to create a high performing environment.

Our Solutions

Organisational DNA

We live in a world, filled with volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. To navigate this confusion, organisations need to know why they exist. They must understand the differences they deliver to customers, employees, communities, and other stakeholders – and realise that their purpose and employee value propositions (EVP) are under constant scrutiny.

We help clients, large and small, define a compelling purpose to power change, leveraging their values and clarifying their EVP to best attract and retain the talent they need to successfully grow and transform their organisation.

Our Solutions

Assess Organisational Alignment

Every organisation is perfectly designed for the results it’s currently getting. But exceptional growth requires change, which often means rethinking an organisation’s operating model and design, especially in a disruptive environment.  Yet, the path to achieve this often requires a review of the organisation to identify culture and talent strengths and highlight areas where your strategy is at risk due to misalignment.

Dynamic Coach Group has extensive experience working with clients to understand their business challenges and what next steps to take. But it always starts with the completion of Dynamic Coach Group’s alignment assesment of your business. The end result – the critical strategic actions most likely to achieve organisational alignment and higher performance in terms of profitable revenue growth, customer loyalty, leadership effectiveness, and employee engagement.

Our Solutions:

Our experts:

Our experts bring human-centered leadership to the forefront of the change agenda by creating programmes and or assessments to suit your organisational needs. They help to strengthen leadership teams to equip them with the philosophy, development programmes and systems to drive effective alignment. They learn to lead differently, guiding the organisation to a better future.

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Linda Hughes

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