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We are a growth
and transformation
consulting business

Sweeping levels of change and disruption require new thinking
and transformative approaches to growth. From product to
purpose, brand to experience, customer insights to operations, we
bring the rigor and expertise needed to uncover and realise
transformative opportunities.

We help businesses align
their strategy, culture and
capabilities to develop
high performing teams.

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We do this by
looking at four key
aspects to business
growth planning


We help create unity between, vision, strategy, culture and talent to drive business results


We develop strategies that win in the modern world


We re-invent your culture to deliver high-performance culture to drive your strategy


We put people & processes at the heart of organisational transformation

Across multiple

Our solutions are unique to every client, but our industry experts who know your unique set of challenges and understand your situation inside and out are crucial to helping you achieve your growth goals.

Consumer Goods
Energy / Utilities
Professional Services
Financial Services

Industrial Products
Media & Telecoms

Public Service

Using a dedicated
Alignment team

We’re fiercely human. Our diverse perspectives
lead to unmatched thinking and actionable solutions
for our clients.

Nick Hughes

I help clients seeking to scale their organisations rapidly across four distinct stages of growth – from early-stage to mature – and work with senior leaders to ensure the strategic plan and planning process are appropriate to take the organisation to the next level and beyond. I work closely with leaders to achieve alignment around key priorities with an emphasis on execution and accountability.

I’m known for an insightful and engaging style and problem-solving approach – working with business leaders to crack those alignment issues.

Coaching senior leaders to reach their full potential is part of my alignment mantra as well.

Linda Hughes

Culture, talent, leadership, and employee experience are all the lens I look through to help clients focus on strategic alignment. I am powered by curiosity and thrive on unravelling complex business challenges, distilling the root cause and defining clear solutions. I have built my career on the combination of deep client-centricity and hands-on practical experience both in the corporate and client environment, working across a range of private and public industries.

I also coach senior and emerging leaders and help organisations create new processes, structures and cultures that can realise inspiring new futures and possibilities.

Angela Greenfield

I help clients to reinvent strategy, operating models, and culture to drive exceptional growth. An ardent believer in getting the detail right, I explore and sharpen the best strategic moves for clients.

A leader in organisation transformation, I have more than 25 years of experience coaching clients on everything from change management to strategy integration.

Claire Freeman

With a human centred design approach, I draw inspiration from challenging clients’ current experiences towards shaping their future organisation.

I am a solutions-driven leader with more than twenty years of change experience transforming underperforming or stagnant environments by spearheading innovative, revenue-accelerating process improvements and strategic programmes.

Helen Joy

People are at the heart of everything I do, and I care deeply about ensuring individuals and teams have the skills, support, and temperament to best deal with their future. I believe in the power of expertly designed and facilitated experiential learning and the exciting potential that lies within every person given the right opportunity.

I lead workshop design and facilitation — with a focus on providing powerful lessons and insights into the behaviour of leaders and teams in challenging situations to deliver bottom line results through strategic alignment.

Andrew Hancock

I have worked on building brands that drive growth at the intersection of customer insights and business strategy for more than 20 years. My deep industry and consulting experience has enabled me to help clients optimise their brand portfolios, developing break-through value propositions, and designing experiences to deliver growth.

A keen outdoor sports team player from round the world yachting to rugby – I bring a team ethics to everything I do.

Sally Green

I help businesses develop and properly embed a sustainable marketing strategy that keeps marketing tactics running smoothly, efficiently and on budget. Most importantly, I give businesses the confidence to maintain and develop their marketing strategy regularly to support business growth for years to come.

And while I pride myself on being curious about many things, I am especially passionate about anything related to food.

Who together grows
your business

We have found Dynamic Coach Group’s advice and support to be transformational to our company. Helping us develop a strong core business, through coaching, support and no-nonsense advice. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Tom Stanley MD – WS Stanley Accountants